UNAMI Human Rights Office in Erbil organizes training on monitoring and documentation skills

Human Rights Erbil Workshop IBHR 1 3From 9 to 11 February 2016, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) Human Rights Office (HRO) in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq conducted a specialized training course on “Strengthening the Monitoring and Documentation Skills of Staff Members of the Independent Commission of Human Rights’’. Twenty staff members of the Commission, including ten women staff members, in charge of human rights, women, children, displaced persons, complaints and other departments of the Commission participated in the course. The course is the first in a series of activities that aim to support national institutions in the Kurdistan Region in Iraq. The Commission was established by law in 2010 to enhance and protect human rights in compliance with international human rights norms, and to raise awareness. It stands as one of the main partners of UNAMI in its human rights work in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The training course focused on strengthening the skills of participants in conducting interviews, verifying accounts, documenting information and drafting reports on human rights violations and abuses. The course included practical exercises based on the various experiences of international experts, United Nations international and national human rights staff members in monitoring and reporting.

All participants evaluated the course as successful, providing new tools and methods of work that would assist investigators working in human rights to conduct their activities. Mr. Diya Butros, President of the Commission, during his closing address to the participants, emphasised the necessity of continuing the good cooperation with UNAMI and noted the readiness of the Commission to cooperate fully in future endeavours that might be of mutual interest to the Commission and HRO. He welcomed the initiative led by UNAMI to translate the nine core human rights instruments into the Kurdish language which would greatly facilitate the wider dissemination of international norms to stakeholders and duty bearers in the Kurdistan Region.

Ms. Khadija Rahman from the sub-office of the Commission in Soran District, stated that the course allowed her to acquire comprehensive knowledge of human rights mechanisms of protection, while Mr. Ranj Azad from the General Directorate of the Commission in Erbil commended the course for its focus on ways of transforming knowledge into practical methods that would enhance performance.

HRO will replicate the same training course for members of the Commission based in sub-offices in Sulaymanyah and Dohuk Governorates.

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