SRSG for Iraq, Ján Kubiš, remarks at the High-Level Conference on Counter Terrorism (As Delivered)

Under-Secretary-General Voronkov, Madame Chairman

Distinguished Participants,

The military defeat of so-called Da’esh caliphate structures in Iraq last year by the heroism and sacrifices of the Iraqi people and with support of its international partners represents a truly historic achievement. But as the developments of the past decades have shown, terrorism, and especially ideologically motivated terrorism, is a resilient and adaptive enemy. Therefore, we need to recognize that the struggle cannot be over without addressing the root causes, ideology of Da’esh and similar forms of international terrorism. Otherwise the next stage of their evolution, will again exploit the gaps that the recent military victories did not and could not address.

In support of the activities of the Government of Iraq, we need also collectively to formulate and implement policy and operational responses that will undermine Da’esh’s ideological appeal, in addition to technical assistance that will further limit the group’s physical and online operations, exploitation of cyberspace.

Distinguished Participants,

The continued resolve of the current and soon to be established future Iraqi Government to consolidate the gains of military victory against Da’esh through a comprehensive and inclusive approach based on prevention is of the utmost importance. Primacy must be given to voluntary returns of IDPs to the conditions of at least basic security and stability, community and national reconciliation and stabilization, including justice and accountability based on principles of equal citizenship, tolerance and resilience. That also requires political, ideological, economic, social and legal solutions and reforms with a specific focus on how to provide an increasingly young Iraqi population with a dignified future, and how to empower women.

Distinguished Participants,

I commend the commitment of the newly established United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism to Iraq to facilitate implementation of the 16 recommendations made by the Counter-Terrorism Committee of the Security Council on advancing Iraq’s counterterrorism priorities, in full coordination with the Government of Iraq.

Based on the findings of the joint UNOCT and CTED scoping mission in Iraq last month, UN Office of Counter Terrorism is now working on the development of priority thematic projects.

In April this year, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Terrorism Prevention Branch officially launched its new program for Iraq for the biennium on the “Lessons learned from Iraq’s counter-terrorism efforts and response to future challenges” and announced the plan to open an office in Baghdad.

The current conference is a contribution to our common efforts. We should recognize that Iraq has been at the forefront of fighting terrorism on behalf of the international community; and we should continue to support these efforts, which should include the mobilization of support for activities to counter and prevent terrorism, based on the needs of Iraq.

Thank you

New York, 29 June 2018

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