IOM Iraq press note - 18 October 2016: Iraq - Military operations to retake the ISIL-held city of Mosul began in the early hours of Sunday morning. In a worst-case scenario, the humanitarian operation in Mosul may be the single largest and most complex in the world in 2016. IOM stands ready to assist displaced populations across the country through an array of humanitarian responses.

Baghdad, Iraq, 18 October 2016 - With the start of the operation to liberate Mosul from Daesh terrorists, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) is calling on the Iraqi people to unite in support of their country’s armed forces and is urging that every step be taken to avoid civilian casualties.

Monday 17 October – As the Government of Iraq has announced the launch of a major offensive on Mosul, I wish to reiterate UNESCO’s support to the population of Mosul, women, men and children who have suffered from violence and persecution over the past years, and who still are suffering. Nineveh (Mosul) is also one of the oldest cities of Mesopotamia, whose memory has been transmitted for centuries by people of all origins and all religions as a world symbol of dialogue between cultures and a medium of identity and memory for the Iraqi people. I call on all involved in military action to protect cultural heritage and refrain from any military use or targeting of cultural sites and monuments, in respect of obligations under international treaties.

(Baghdad, 17 October 2016): The intensification of military operations to retake the city of Mosul from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) could affect up to 1.5 million people in the city. Up to 1 million girls, boys, women and men may be forced from their homes, of which up to 700,000 may be in need of shelter assistance. Up to 200,000 people may be displaced in the first weeks of the operations. The humanitarian community, UN Agencies and NGOs, have been planning and readying assistance for months.

BAGHDAD, 17 October 2016 – More than half a million children and their families in Mosul will be at extreme risk in the coming weeks, UNICEF warned today as a military operation to retake the northern Iraqi city gets under way.

(Baghdad, 21 September 2016): Humanitarian agencies are racing against the clock to prepare for the humanitarian impact of the military campaign to oust the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) from Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city.

Baghdad, 21 September 2016– The Government of New Zealand has contributed US$1 million to UNDP’s Funding Facility for Immediate Stabilization (FFIS), which finances fast-track initiatives in areas liberated from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Salah Aldin, 3 September 2016: In light of the unfolding humanitarian needs in Salah Aldin governorate and the expected influx of internally displaced population (IDPs) from Mosul with the start of the government liberation operations, WHO held the first health cluster meeting in Salah Aldin Directorate of Health (DoH) in Tikrit city, capital of the governorate, to discuss means for strengthening the coordination mechanism of the health partners working in the governorate and their response to the urgent health needs of the IDPs in Beji and Sharqat districts.

Iraq, 26 August 2016 - Over 90,000 Iraqis have been displaced in the Mosul Corridor as military operations continue in preparedness for the liberation of Mosul. This includes over 82,600 IDPs who have been displaced from Salah al-Din (Baiji and Al Shirqat districts) and Ninewa (Al Qayara district) since 16 June, as recorded by IOM Iraq Displacement Tracking Matrix, Emergency Tracking.

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