Iraqi youth from all backgrounds were consulted during the development process of the NHDR [Photo: UNDP] Iraqi youth from all backgrounds were consulted during the development process of the NHDR [Photo: UNDP]

In November 2013, Iraq will launch its third National Human Development Report (NHDR) with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). This issue of the NHDR will have a special thematic focus on youth. 


“Youth” was selected as the key topic for the 2013 NHDR because of current events in the Arab region and due to Iraq’s status as one of the most youthful countries in the world. When the special theme was announced in 2011, the Minister of Planning said, “Youth in Iraq carry burdens of neglect and marginalization due to decades of conflict and wars. They deserve to be able to shape their own bright future and to live a happy and prosperous life.”


The NDHR is designed to place human development at the forefront of the national political agenda. It is a tool for policy analysis, reflecting people's priorities, strengthening national capacities, engaging national partners, identifying inequities and measuring progress. 


It is customary for the NHDR process to engage at the local level with focus groups and national experts. In March 2013, the Ministry of Planning with support from UNDP arranged a workshop in Baghdad where the first draft of the NHDR was reviewed by eighty male and female youth from all Iraqi governorates.


Working groups were formed around the main thematic areas of the report: Family and Values, Education and Knowledge, Culture and Political Participation, and Employment. The Baghdad workshop followed similar consultation processes with Iraqi youth in the Kurdistan Region and in Jordan. Comments and findings from these sessions are being used by the report experts to finalize the first draft and submit it for peer review prior its launch.


Iraq has previously prepared two National Human Development Reports. The first, published in 1995, highlighted the impact of international sanctions on the Iraqi population. The second, published in 2008, focused on Human Security in Iraq and aimed to assess the development situation in the country following the regime change in 2003. 


Follow the NHDR process here:

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