Participants in the UNFPA Hearing Session, National Youth Strategy Review, Babylon, March 2013 [Photo: UNFPA] Participants in the UNFPA Hearing Session, National Youth Strategy Review, Babylon, March 2013 [Photo: UNFPA]

This year, Iraq will launch its first ever National Youth Strategy (NYS). The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has been working closely with both the Ministry of Planning (MoP) and the Ministry of Youth and Sport (MoYS) to build a comprehensive and effective strategy.


Over the past ten years, many Iraqis, and particularly Iraqi youth, have faced a range of obstacles to their development. A holistic strategy to shore up the future of Iraq’s youth population has become an urgent need.


The NYS is designed to determine a vision for the future, attract the attention of decision-makers to mobilize efforts for better investment in the youth sector, to focus on youth as rights-holders, and to build the framework for national policies to invest in youth. The main goals of the NYS are humanitarian, educational, and developmental, containing strong planning and change-making components.

The NYS consists of four chapters:


  1. Introduction to the NYS: importance, justifications, methodology, obligations and components; 
  2. Main specifications of Iraqi youth groups regarding their education levels, their health, their employment status, and other related issues;
  3. General framework of the NYS with its four key topics:
    • Iraqi youth generation: well-educated and productive;
    • Healthy Iraqi youth: mentally, socially and psychosocially;
    • A young Iraqi generation enjoying their rights and their national identity;
    • An active Iraqi youth generation participating widely and actively in their communities.
  4. Main tools for monitoring, evaluation and implementation of the NYS. 

An interactive methodology


Young people have been involved in every stage of the development of the NYS. UNFPA, with its Government counterparts, has held more than 70 hearing sessions with the participation of over 1,300 young women and men from every Iraqi governorate. The draft of the NYS has been shared with a series of youth focal groups to ensure that their feedback is incorporated into the final document.


Two national conferences for the High Committee for the NYS were held in Basra in February 2013, and in Babylon in March 2013, to gather decision-maker inputs and to seek further feedback from young people. 


Next Steps for the NYS

A special National Workshop on the NYS will be organized in September 2013 in cooperation with the Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA), UNFPA and MoYS. The purpose of this workshop is to develop the main tools for monitoring, evaluation, funding mechanisms and implementation.



Additional Info

  • Agency: UNFPA
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