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SRSG Calls for Representation of Women and Minority Communities of Iraq in New Government

Baghdad, 2 September 2014 – The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq is closely following the completion of the government formation process.  During his meetings with the Iraqi political leaders, he consistently encouraged them to ensure a fair representation of women and minority communities of Iraq in the new government.


“As the Government formation process proceeds to its final stage, the UN stresses the importance of women’s participation in all stages of the political process”, Mr. Mladenov said.  “Nominating women and representatives from minority communities to ministerial positions sends a strong and positive message of unity to the people of Iraq and the world, and reaffirms the government’s commitment to equal rights for all”, Mr. Mladenov also stated. 

“Minority representation in the government can help in ensuring better protection of these communities and their rights, as well as a better advancement of their interests and concerns”, the SRSG added. 

Further emphasizing that “a government without women would be incomplete and unrepresentative of the population of the nation”, the UN Women Representative for Iraq, Ms. Frances Guy, underlined that “Iraqi women comprise more than half the voting population”.  “They have a right to participate in all levels of government, including senior levels, in line with Iraq’s commitment to women during electoral campaigns and to international conventions, UN Security Council Resolution 1325, and other relevant UN resolutions”.


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