The National Conference for the Iraqi Women’s Network “Women Peacemakers”

MP Vian Dakheel attended the Conference MP Vian Dakheel attended the Conference Photo: Laith Elias/UNAMI PIO

Baghdad, 13 November 2014 - In an event hosted on Thursday, 13 November 2014, at the Sheraton Hotel in Baghdad, the Iraqi Women’s Network celebrated the anniversary of Security Council resolution 1325, its significance in the lives of women living in armed conflicts, and their future aspirations.


Addressing the event, organizing committee member, Hana Adwar, said the celebration comes as a contribution to the 16-day international campaign to combat violence against women which commences from the 25th of November through to the 10th of December.

The coordinating committee for the Iraqi Women’s Network stressed the need for the United Nations to engage in a larger role to secure fair representation of women and to encourage the Iraqi government to implement the CEDAW recommendations which were passed in February 2014. The committee also noted the importance of implementing international human rights’ recommendations and pushing toward new legislation related to women’s status, their work, and adopting strategies to curb the acts of violence they face.

Adwar also noted the difficult circumstances in which the event is held, and the many challenges facing Iraq including the combat against terrorism, violence, and corruption. She stressed that women’s efforts should be directed toward the decision makers to make sure that women are part of the efforts in confronting the challenges and taking part in the decision-making process and political discussions.

On her part, the advisor to the Speaker of Parliament, Nibras al-Mamouri, delivered the remarks of the Speaker in which he commended the role played by women in Iraq’s political history, and underlined the need to respect her stature in society. The remarks added that parliament has prioritized women’s wellbeing in its work and according to the constitution which deems women as cornerstone in the country’s overall development.

The Minister of State for Women’s Affairs, Bayan Nouri Tawfeeq, said the ministry feels greatly saddened by the blatant violation which Iraqi women have been exposed to in recent months at the hands of the “terrorist ISIS entity” and is also concerned over other forms of unaddressed gender-based and domestic violence, and other types and of forms of abuse.

The Minister stressed that the Iraqi government has announced the national strategy based on Security Council resolution 1325 on women, peace, and security which was passed alongside the national strategy for the development of women at the beginning of last April, and this has introduced Iraq as the first country in the Middle East and North Africa to adopt a general strategy in connection to the Security Council resolution.  And according to UNAMI, the ministry is working on assembling a team from government, NGO, and international sides to implement the strategy.

Ms. Tawfeeq added that her ministry is considering a thorough review of how to implement the CEDAW recommendation ahead of the assessment report due in 2018, and that coordination with civil society institutions is essential in this regard.

Meanwhile, MP Intisar al-Jubouri of parliament’s Women and Children Affairs Committee, called for benefiting from international experiences which concluded that women’s contributions have proven vital in easing tensions and spreading peace.

Also speaking at the event was the member of the Higher Council for Women’s Affairs in Kurdistan, Delkhwaz Abdullah Hussein, who highlighted the significant steps taken by Kurdish women in the abolishment of several laws that undermined women in the past, and limited their contributions to society. However, she also noted that other challenges still lie ahead and need to be overcome.

The event that was organized by the Iraqi Women’s Network honoured a number of women, and also included the opening of a photo exhibit showing several female personalities who have left their mark on Iraq’s modern history. 


Story written by Laith Elias, UNAMI PIO

Translation by Firas Al-Tarboosh, UNAMI PIO


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