Better Representing Women’s Issues and Gender Equality at the Political Level UN Women Training and Mentoring Programme for Women Governorate Councilors

Erbil, 14 November 2014- “I am convinced that Iraqi women have a stronger role to play in the society,” says Sahar Maloud Jabbar, an elected Councilor from Salah Al-Din. She received her graduation certificate from UN Women Representative in Iraq Frances Guy after completing a one week training programme designed to increase the effectiveness of newly elected women representatives in local councils.

Friday 14 November marked the end of a series of training workshops conducted by UN Women, in partnership with Clic Consultants and Al Amal Organization. Over the course of 12 months, 62 of the , 116 women Councilors from 14 Governorates of Iraq participated in the capacity building training aimed at enabling women Councilors to carry out their roles more effectively .
“The Iraqi Constitution stipulates that women should represent 25% of the elected body but many of these womeno– especially when elected for the first time- lack the necessary skills and confidence to do a good job.. Through these trainings, UN Women and its partners are working to give tools to women Councilors so they can take a more active role in the Governorate Councils and work on sustainable change,” emphasizes UN Women Frances Guy. Topics covered in the training included leadership skills, management and planning, public speaking and communication and media skills.
Women participants were all elected as Governorate Councilors for the first time in the 2013 Governorate Council Elections. Sahar Maloud Jabbar was working as a pharmacist in Salah al-Din before becoming a member of the Governorate Council. An activist who was involved in many social programmes in her region, she decided to push her involvement for Iraqi women further by becoming an elected official.
Women participating in the training came from all parts of Iraq, from Anbar to Basra to Nineveh or Baghdad; a great opportunity for them to discuss challenges and exchange on best practices, as underlines Councilor Nahida Al-Assoum from Baghdad Governorate.
Following the completion of the trainings, women Governorate Councilors will also be provided with ongoing mentoring to ensure hands-on practical coaching.

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