UN Supports Iraq in Efforts to Eradicate Gender-Based Violence

The launch on 12 March of a Violence against Women Data Gathering and Monitoring System by the Ministry of Planning marked the successful conclusion of a joint effort by different ministries and non-governmental organizations, with the technical support of the United Nations, to establish a system to provide public and updated data to promote evidence-based planning to eradicate violence against women.


It is the first time that such a system is implemented in Iraq, and it was designed to fill a gap. Whereas almost half of married women (46%) say they have experienced one or another form of violence at home, only 2.8% of them are willing to report violence to the authorities. They lack confidence in the police or fear damaging their reputations, according to data from UNFPA recently compiled for the ‘Women in Iraq’ factsheet produced by UNAMI’s Joint Analysis and Policy Unit (JAPU) (http://www.iauiraq.org/documents/1864/Woman-Factsheet.pdf).


“Measurement will help us show the range of problems that women face in Iraq,” Ms. Frances Guy, UN Women Representative for Iraq, commented on the new monitoring system. “As government services meet the identified needs, we will be able to measure progress.”


UN Women and UNAMI joined forces in 2012 to develop a transparent and public system with indicators that would allow for accurate reporting on violence against women in Iraq. The system now needs to be populated with data, a responsibility that has been taken on by the Government of Iraq through its Central Statistics Organization.

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