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SRSG Kubiš to the Yazidis: “If there is any proof of ISIL inhumanity, it is what happened to you”

Baghdad, 6 September 2015 – The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General (SRSG), Mr. Ján Kubiš, yesterday paid a visit to Lalish Temple, the Holy Shrine of the Yazidi community, in Sheikhan.

In addressing the representatives of the Yazidi community, comprising of political and religious leaders, former ministers and mayors, internally displaced people, women survivors, Human Rights activists as well as civil society representatives, SRSG Kubiš said “On behalf of the United Nations I want to express our profound respect for the Yazidi religion and the Yazidi community, which has been living on this land for thousands of years, as well as to express our sympathy and compassion for your suffering”.

“The Yazidi community living in IDP camps and the Yazidi women still under ISIL captivity are not forgotten”, assured Kubiš. “We will continue to work for you, to convey your message to the United Nations member states and to highlight your plight and fight for your rights”, he affirmed.

“If there is any proof needed for the inhumanity of ISIL, it is what happened to you”, SRSG Kubiš further stated.

SRSG Kubiš met with the representatives of the Yazidi community in the wake of an important conference on the victims of ethnic and religious violence in the Middle East, and strategies for their protection, organized by the French and Jordanian Foreign Ministries and scheduled to take place on 8 September in Paris, as well as on the eve of the forthcoming high level United Nations annual General Assembly later in September.

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