About UN in Iraq

The United Nations has been operating in Iraq since 1955 through a variety of programmes. Specialized agencies established their offices in Iraq in the early 1990s, and others United Nations entities, like the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), were established after 2003. Since 2007, the United Nations has progressively increased its presence in Iraq and plans to continue expanding operations throughout the country. The United Nations continues to be present in Iraq to respond to the needs of the Iraqi people, and support their efforts to achieve a peaceful and prosperous future.


United Nations Iraq (UN Iraq) works at the request of the Government of Iraq to support national development efforts on political, electoral, and humanitarian levels. The United Nations advises and supports the Government of Iraq and its people and works on capacity building to strengthen people and institutions. UN Iraq is composed of UNAMI and the United Nations Country Team, which regroups the 20 UN agencies, funds and programmes currently operating in Iraq.


The United Nations implements its different programmes and projects through strong cooperation and partnership with the Government of Iraq, civil society organizations and a number of partners and counterparts, including Iraqi and international non-governmental organizations.

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