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Women in Iraq Factsheet

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During a recent visit to IHEC, a UNAMI delegation led by SRSG Martin Kobler was encouraged to see efforts to include more women in the political process. While the UN team was going around the IHEC’s Data Entry Centre (DEC), for example, they could not miss the large number of women, busily working on the computers. Indeed, “with 38 percent women, the DEC is one of the most gender-balanced sections in IHEC,” the head of the International Electoral Assistance Team, Mr. Jose Maria Aranaz confirmed. SRSG Kobler also praised the increasing presence of women in the political arena, underlining that 26.5 percent of the candidates in the governorate council elections are women.

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The launch on 12 March of a Violence against Women Data Gathering and Monitoring System by the Ministry of Planning marked the successful conclusion of a joint effort by different ministries and non-governmental organizations, with the technical support of the United Nations, to establish a system to provide public and updated data to promote evidence-based planning to eradicate violence against women.

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Baghdad, 14 March 2013 – The United Nations marked the International Women’s Day through a series of activities across Iraq under the theme of ‘Time for Peace, Stop Violence against Women’.

A long way to go to achieve MDG 5

Baghdad, 18 March 2013- WHO - “Less than three years remain until the 2015 deadline to achieve the United Nation\'s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Over the last two decades, slow but sustained progress has been made in improving maternal health (MDG 5) in Iraq” said Dr Syed Jaffar Hussain, the representative of WHO in Iraq.

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