BAGHDAD - Iraqi youth from Sulaymaniyah and Diwaniyah to Baashiqa and al-Kut are hoping that the recommendations promoting tolerance and reconciliation they have adopted at the series of meetings of the “Iraq: Youth and Coexistence” over the past four months will climb to the national agenda as the country prepares to tackle the challenges in the period after the defeat of Daesh terrorists.

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Baghdad, 20 May 2017 – After four months of cross-country meetings, the “Iraq: Youth and Coexistence” forum concluded with an overarching national conference in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad today, full of hope that recommendations drawn from deliberations involving hundreds of youth from Iraq’s diverse areas will impact the political drive to achieve national reconciliation in the period after the defeat of the Daesh terrorists.

Kirkuk, Iraq - The young women and men of Kirkuk from various ethnic and religious backgrounds insist they have no problem living in peace and harmony with each other, and they see in the “Iraq: Youth and Coexistence” forum which made its sixth cross-country stop in their city an opportunity to highlight this fact as well as advance the idea of national reconciliation.

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“Iraq: Youth and Coexistence” Forum Presses on in Kirkuk, Symbol of Iraqi Diversity and Harmony

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Kirkuk, Iraq, 22 April 2017 - The “Iraq: Youth and Coexistence” meeting moved today to Kirkuk, a symbol of Iraqi diversity and harmony, as Iraqi youth pressed on with their cross-country deliberations on ways to contribute to national reconciliation in the post-Daesh future.

Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, 08 April 2017 – The “Iraq: Youth and Coexistence” forum engaging youth in the search of ideas for Iraq’s post-Daesh future convened today in Sulaymaniyah in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the fifth stop of cross-country meetings and one which is gaining more significance as the triumph over the terrorists in Mosul is approaching.

Baqouba, Iraq - Diyala was best known for its oranges and abundance of fruit produce. But in recent years it has paid a heavy price for terrorism, violence and sectarian divisions. So it is no surprise that reconciliation is a word that resonates well with the youth in this governorate just northeast of Baghdad that is home to a diverse ethnic and sectarian mix.

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Najaf, Iraq - They converged from four mid-Euphrates governorates to the holy city of Najaf, each loaded with sometimes wildly differing views on how to fix the ills of Iraq. They debated and argued, but there was no doubt the participants in the “Iraq: Youth and Coexistence” forum in Najaf on 18 March 2017 were unison in their quest to influence their country’s future in the period after the defeat of the terrorist Daesh.

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Najaf, Iraq, 18 March 2017 – The third of a series of cross-country youth forums convened in Najaf today, with the United Nations stressing the important role youth play in future reconciliation and highlighting the significance of the holy city in consolidating the spirit of coexistence and reconciliation.

Erbil, 19 February 2017 – Youth are key to the future of coexistence in Iraq and reconciliation would be incomplete without their input into the process, the United Nations stressed at the itinerary youth forum “Iraq: Youth and Coexistence” which stopped in Erbil on Saturday, 18 February 2017 on the second of a series of cross-country events.

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